If you have a legally registered active tourism company, we encourage you to join AETAM, it will be a guarantee of quality, safety, social and environmental responsibility for your customers in all your activities and will help you to defend your rights.


and benefits

You will be part of the only legally recognized Association of Active Tourism Companies in the Region of Madrid.

We have important contacts at the institutional level to support the activities of our associates.

You will have advertising for your activity in our brochures, website, social media, and publications.

We are part of ANETA (National Association of Active Tourism Companies).

You will participate and be present at important trade fairs such as FITUR.

And many more...



You must be registered in the I.A.E. (Economic Activities Tax).

Be registered with the Social Security as self-employed or present the deeds of the company.

Having a liability insurance coverage of 601,000€.

Having an accident insurance that covers rescues.

Present the TC1 or TC2 in case you have workers under your charge.

Additionally, we request you to

1) Comply with the Decalogue of Good Practices.

2) The entrance fee.

3) Participate actively in the Association’s activities and meetings, belonging to a committee, attending assemblies, and/or contributing any ideas that come to mind. We are a dynamic association open to all kinds of initiatives.


You can send us your registration form here.

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