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Action Live is a company dedicated to the entertainment and organization of paintball activities in Madrid. It is important to note that not all paintball fields are the same, so it is advisable to make sure of the facilities and services before making a reservation. Action Live has several different paintball fields and offers the possibility of having an exclusive instructor for groups. For those who wish to book a field in Madrid along with the Barbecue offer, it is recommended to do so at least one week in advance, as places are limited.

In addition to paintball, Action Live offers a game option called “Yellow Humor” that promises an afternoon full of laughter and fun with activities such as competing in a sumo wrestler costume, running an obstacle course or participating in a human foosball table. This option offers the opportunity to enjoy original and exciting experiences with friends and family.

As for the facilities, Action Live is proud to offer the largest paintball field in Madrid, making it an ideal place to enjoy a day of fun, strategy and competition in different game modes.

These are all the activities we carry out. If you have any questions, consult us!






Paintball is an exciting sport of strategy and action that pits teams against each other on a specially designed field. Players use markers or air guns to shoot small paintballs at their opponents, temporarily "tagging" them and eliminating them from the game.

The paintball field can vary in size and theme, but the main goal is to provide different scenarios that encourage strategy, cooperation and adrenaline. Players often face each other in a variety of situations, from open field battles to confrontations in scenarios inspired by military conflicts or themed adventures.

Price: from 20€ / person


Virgen de la nueva Road, no number, 28680, San Martín de Valdeiglesias (Madrid)

663 808 096


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