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Tematic Paintball Madrid is a paintball field in the town of Algete that performs the activity of paintball for both adults and children, we are specialists in children’s birthdays offering menus of our partners, such as Burger King or McDonald’s. We have a variety of good scenarios for adult paintball. The fun is guaranteed.

These are all the activities we offer. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us!





Paintball in Algete (Madrid)

All our scenarios are specially designed to give you the experience of a real battle. Get on a real helicopter, shoot from the trenches and hide among the military trucks. Invade a medieval castle and enjoy with your friends in a natural environment. The best value for money, the best facilities and personalized attention make us the best quality option in the market. We have top brands in equipment for adults and children, as well as unrivaled material.

Price: from 12€ / person

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Km 2.8, M-123, 28110 Algete, Madrid

669 009 858


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