Canoeing or kayaking

Imagen de la Empresa de kayaking Yucalcari


Yucalcari We are a company that offers exciting kayaking and wilderness adventure experiences, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the beauty of the region while enjoying outdoor activities and local wildlife. We offer various nature adventure activities, focusing especially on the kayaking experience and interaction with local wildlife, with activity packages such as: Pack Kayak […]

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Imagen de empresa Navalmedio


navalmedio Experiencias Naturales Since 2011 we offer unique experiences in the environment of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. In our offer you will find activities in contact with nature such as mycological outings, astro-tourism, winter hiking with snowshoes, forest baths, wildlife observation (imperial eagle, mountain goat, scorpion, amphibians, bellowing deer and fallow deer roar,

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Imagen empresa Multiaventura Buendía

Multiaventura Buendía

Multiaventura Buendía We are an active tourism company offering adventure activities and accommodation in the Buendía area, a village in Cuenca located between the Guadiela River and the Buendía reservoir. We organize bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, or corporate team-building events, as well as activities for schools and various groups. Our activities include: Canoeing: A fun and

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Imagen de la empresa Meridiano Raid


Meridiano Raid At Meridiano Raid, we organize multi-adventure activities for the whole family, groups, schools, sports events like triathlons, mountain trails, or adventure raids, as well as corporate incentives and teambuilding activities. We have 3 multi-adventure centers in the Sierra Norte de Madrid: Lozoya (at the Pinilla reservoir), El Berrueco, and Cervera de Buitrago (both


Imagen de la empresa Kayak Aventur


Kayak Aventur Kayak Aventur is a company located a few kilometers from Madrid (Picadas Reservoir) in Pelayos de la Presa. They offer kayak rental services, participation in aquatic gymkhanas and exciting orienteering tests. They also offer the possibility of living a unique adventure on the Alberche River, located a few kilometers from Avila. Aimed at


Imagen de la empresa Isadia Aventura


Isadia Aventura We are a company passionate about adventure and offering unforgettable experiences, full of fun, learning and excitement, both for individuals and for corporate and institutional entities, with exciting options such as the Winter Mountaineering Initiation Course, the practice of Snowshoeing in the Guadarrama National Park and the fascinating Caving in Madrid. Our offer


Imagen empresa Coadecu


COADECU Activities for children, adults, families, friends, companies, individuals at the service of sport and adventure. Since 1985 we are a company dedicated to leisure and free time, formed by educators, free time instructors and sports technicians. We have a team of instructors, both ski and leisure, properly qualified and prepared, as well as the

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Logo Asdon Aventura


Asdon Aventura Asdon Aventura offers multi-adventure activities, adventure sports, summer camps, corporate events, leisure, and travel in various prominent locations. We have 6 of our own multi-adventure centers situated in the Sierra Norte de Madrid, San Juan Reservoir, Alto Tajo Natural Park, Serranía de Cuenca, Valle de Chistau, and Valle de Tena. In addition, we




Amadablam Aventura Amadablam Aventura is a company formed by qualified Mountain Guides for the realization of guided activities in the surroundings of Madrid and with a complete program of snowshoeing, canyoning, via ferrata, climbing courses, mountaineering and ski mountaineering. Additionally, Amadablam Viajes organizes hiking and trekking trips throughout Spain, while Amadablam Tour del Mont Blanc specializes

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